LabelTasks 1.3 - Cash & Carry Shelf Talker Management

Shelf Talker management software for wholesale / cash & carry

Shipping & Services

Shipping & Services


Registered versions of LabelTasks 1.3 can, upon request, be shipped by post on a CD or via  e-Mail. Otherwise, downloads of purchased licenses can be accessed from the New Customer page of the Resources Website.

Please use the contact section of this website to enquire further. Each purchase of LabelTasks 1.3 provides you with a per machine license, cost of which is specified below.

Data Preparation & Entry Services

We realise that a greater part of your business does not involve the initial set up that is required to present merchandise pricing with LabelTasks 1.3

For this reason we offer a fully comprehensive turn key service which allows you to concentrate on other pressing business engagements.

Entry of product information such as price and supplier can be a tedious task, and sometimes needless if you have this information residing elsewhere. We specialise in doing this for you and we have the ability to provide information porting solutions which enables you to add value to your already existing stock information.

The All In One Service

Being able to leave the installation, data entry / porting, support and training of LabelTasks in somebody else's hands means that you do not need to involve yourself in the specifics of the overall operation of the software if you don't want to. We offer a very competitive service to meet these needs.


LabelTasks 1.3 Services :

Cash & Carry / Wholesale shelf label management

Startup and annual support with 3rd party system integration consultancy

Optional training and stock data entry / importing serviuces available as extra

LabelTasks 1.3 Features : Excel Import, Label list reporting, Cash & Carry label pritning

Costings :

  • Annual license (including support) €199
  • Data preparation and entry services : €200 / day
  • All in one service (license, support and data entry services) : €350 + €200 / day for each additional day of data entry services


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