LabelTasks 1.3 - Cash & Carry Shelf Talker Management

Shelf Talker management software for wholesale / cash & carry

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LabelTasks 1.3 - Cash & Carry Shelf Label Management

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Label Tasks - Shelf Labels For Cash & Carry / Wholsale 1.3 description

Label Tasks is an easy to use software which enables Cash & Carry or wholesale operators to print clear and concise shelf labels for their warehouse shelving. It simply requires a standard PC (running Windows XP ) and a standard printer. These labels can be printed in various styles, and the information can be stored away and recalled at any time. Any laser printer or inkjet printer which is already compatible with Microsoft Windows will be sufficient to print these high quality shelf labels. Label styles range from small 3 across, 7 down labels and medium sized 2 across, 7 down labels to large sized poster adverts. All labels can be printed with VAT rate information, EAN-128 Barcode information, Retail Selling Price, promotion start and end dates as well as location details.

The look, feel and layout of these labels is especially geared toward Cash & Carry / wholesale environments of any type. The company logo of your operation can even be included in black & white or colour on the labels, and there is even consultation on offer for changing the layout of the labels and interfacing to your backoffice as part of the product cost. Label Tasks 1.3 even comes with interactive help so that its easy to learn about the various features of this software.

Full user support from installation, use and data import on initial set up, is available for a period of one year after purchase. After this period, further support can be purchased by renewing (repurchasing) the software.

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