LabelTasks 1.3 - Cash & Carry Shelf Talker Management

Shelf Talker management software for wholesale / cash & carry

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Clear and concise product information on your shelves ensures that your prices and shelf space allocation are permanently fixed for the duration concerned.

In using the LabelTasks product, customers have found that their profits and sales have increased marginally by between 10% to 15% on average and consumer confidence has also been boosted.

Increase consumer confidence

Consumer confidence is increased because the direct, professional and honest display of item price is put in the place it needs to be - their line of sight and your shelves.

Let your customers know the price of your products 

without any ambiguity.

Clear price presentation instills confidence in the shopper and allows them to easily keep track of their financial position with regards to purchasing.

  • Professional shelf edge labelling 
  • No back office stock management system required
  • Excel data integration
  • Annual support( Includes back office system integration where possible)
  • Any currency configuration (US$, GB£, EUR€ etc.)
  • Works with Windows device * & any Windows compatible printer
  • Range of label styles and templates available
  • Includes RRP, VAT and Promotional Offer information.
  • Free 15 use trial period of Label Tasks 1.3
  • Support for all MS-Windows environments, including mobile devices * :
  • Windows Server, XP, Vista, *Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10
  • * Windows mobile devices capable of running desktop applications.

                Support for intel based Apple Mac OSX via Boot Camp.

Additional Services Include :

-  Stock data entry and verification

-  Stock take statistics collation

-  Interfacing services to back office system and other 3rd party databases

-  Extended support services

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